Get Your Rebate On Back To School Expenses!

Get Your Rebate On Back To School Expenses!

How to get paid to send your kids back to school


Every year around August, I hear the moans and groans of having to buy back to school items. Here is a short list:





and so on!

What if there was a way to get a rebate on all of these items? Well, there is! If you have a home based business.

You see, you can hire your children (aged 7-17) to work in your business. The money they earn gets paid to them and you get a tax deduction for it!

PLUS – They pay No tax (except small state & local if applicable) on their earnings. They take the money you paid them and buy their own school supplies.

You just wrote off their supplies, in effect. You can pay your children up to the standard deduction every year (which is about $6,000). This amounts in approximately $1,200 in savings for you, depending on your tax rate.

This strategy will take the bite out of back to school! To get your worksheet and complete details on this deduction CLICK HERE

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