Have You Fallen For Tax Reform?

Have You Fallen For Tax Reform?

Every President Does It!


Yes! Every 4 years we get the same promise. I will give you tax reform. Every 4 years, each president gives us a bit of our money back to us. Why?

Basic answer is it makes you think they care about us. It helps them get elected. Take away taxes from the rich and give it back to us.

Yes, we are still playing rich vs poor. The bad evil rich guy pays no taxes and the poor working people pay all of the taxes.

That cannot be anything further from the truth.

80% of all taxes are paid by 20% of people.

Close to 50% of people pay no federal income tax.

In fact, a large percentage get government money called the earned income tax credit.

If these things are true, why then do politicians go on about it? It’s just to get elected!

What they will not tell you is that tax reform already exists. The tax code contains tons of ways to lower your taxes.

I have been preaching the home based business angle for over 40 years and helping thousands of people.

Are you ready to get your tax reform every year and not wait until who knows when?

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