Are You Leaving Tax Money On The Table

Are You Leaving Tax Money On The Table?

How much money is sitting in your past tax returns?

I need money! Please buy my products! Join my opportunity so I can get money!

These are the cries that I see on social media every day. Yet, if a great majority of Americans would have a tax return review, I bet there is money sitting right there!

The IRS allows you to go back 3 years to amend, or fix, your tax return. This means fixing mistakes as well as claiming deductions that you may have missed on your home based business.

With the majority of tax preparers NOT being experts in home based businesses, there are many tax deductions that are missed every year. How do I know this? I have been amending tax returns for over 30 years.

I got on to this when I first did a seminar for Longaberger reps. I heard so many people say, I missed that on my previous tax returns. So, I started to investigate and found it to be true.

Since that time, I have gotten well over $150,000 back for my clients. The average is around $3,119 overall.

If you are in a home based business such as Mary Kay, Longaberger, Avon, Tastefully Simple, Young Living, Send Out Cards, and many others, I can help you get your money into your pocket.

For less than lunch, you can have your tax returns reviewed.

CLICK HERE to see how. After all, it is YOUR money…right?