Do You Know Where Your Refund Is?

Do You Know Where Your Refund Is?

We’re half way through the year…are you locking your refund in?


After sitting with people for 40 years doing their taxes, I still find that a large amount of people never think about their refund until after the year end. Out of sight, out of mind!

What happens is that most people trow up their hands and say oh well, next year. This is the same attitude that keeps people from keeping more of their money AND not getting into profit in their businesses.

Here are a few consequences of waiting:

1.) Paying your children – If you haven’t started yet, you have lost $1,200 thus far! (2 qualifying children)

2.) Mileage – not keeping track of your miles may have cost you up to $1,000 by now.

3.) If you already have gone on vacation, you missed up to $1,500.

With $3,000 to $5,000 per year in tax savings for the average person at stake, it should be a subject that is on course all year.

This does not even count the lost business you can generate by working towards these deductions. Remember, business activity and tax deductions go hand in hand.

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Where’s YOUR refund at?