Top 3 Reasons To Have An APP

Top 3 Reasons To Have An APP

Could be the same as real estate!

It used to be, “Do you have a website?”. Now it is “Do you have an APP?”

Well, with prices ranging anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000 PLUS hosting fees on a monthly basis, it begs the question of why have an app.

Here they are:

1.) Location

Where are the big players? They all have Apps. Where are your competitors? Do they have apps? Now the real estate isn’t necessarily the web, it is on a person’s smart phone

2.) Location

Where are your customer’s eyes? All day long! They are on their smart phone. It used to be that people scheduled posts for their blogs at certain times. Times like after 5pm or before 9am. People didn’t normally do things on their work PC’s. Now, however, people take their smart phones to work and actually use them! Have you seen it? The guy at the post office has his phone next to his cash register. When he doesn’t have a customer, he is scrolling through Facebook! Go where the eyes are!

3.) Location

Where do people go first? An APP! Apps are one click buttons directly to your information. No longer do they have to click on a browser, type in your URL and wait for your site to come up. Bham! Click and they are in your information. You can even send them updates and notifications! Quick and easy!

But really, do you need a $2,000 or $10,000 App? Of course not. It would be nice, right? Sure.

The APP really is used to get information to your prospect or client. If you have a blog, membership site, or just a website you too can have an APP with just that for less than $150 and NO hosting fees!

This is a great way to get your foot onto the Apple Store and get where people, and your prospects, hang out!