The Tax Savings Habit

Saving Taxes Is A Habit

Forming good habits = Tax Savings

It is over a month past the tax deadline. What have you been doing since that time to shore up your 2016 tax refund?

If you are like most people: nothing.

This is what the IRS counts on and this is what lobbyists get frustrated over. They (the lobbyists) fight year long to keep your tax deductions in place so that you can get them EVERY year without fail.

Yet, year after year, millions of home based business owners do not form the habits that make tax savings possible.

Why? Because they have not formed the habit. This may also point to a reason why they do not make as much money as they could !

Here is the ONE habit to get into right away. Ask yourself a question EVERY time money leaves your pocket, “How can I write this off?”

If you ask the question, you will force yourself to take the action to document it as a tax deduction and, therefore, not miss it at tax time.

I was recently paying for a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon and I asked: “How can I write this off?” Of course, I have my own travel site! I can add it to that. I have ads on my travel site that create revenue for me and I need content for the site! Perfect! $190 in tickets – tax deduction!

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