How To Make $10,000 in One Hour

How To Make $10,000 in One Hour

Seriously? Does that sound too good to be true? Of course it does, but it’s certainly not. In fact, it may be even higher, but I don’t want to take it too far.

See, I am using an old politicians trick when they say the government will save $1 billion over the next 10 years.

You must agree firstly, that saving money is equal to making money. If you believe that is true (which it is) , read on.

I have done tax tele-seminars for the past 20 years. They last one hour and go over all of the tax deductions available to a home based business owner. You know, the Mary Kay, Tastefully simple, Isagenix, Avon, Send Out Cards, etc.

In that hour, you will learn to save well over $1,000 per year on your taxes. If you stay in business for 10 years, you just saved $10,000 by being on that call for 1 hour. Easy!

Still skeptical? I once did a call for a man who was doing very well in mlm. He said he will introduce me and get off the call. I said, humor me and stay on. He said ok, but I have a great tax person who gets all of the deductions for me already.

After the call, he purchased my tax package and he called me. His tax person had not told him that he could hire his children in his business.

He had three eligible children and his tax savings alone from just ONE deduction would be about $3,750 per YEAR!

I have over 35 years of doing taxes for people in home based businesses. I prepare them for people who are seasoned veterans making multiple six figures and for people just starting out.

The only question for you is, “How long do you want to keep giving your money away?”

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