Time To Sure Up Your Auto Deduction for 2016

Meet This IRS Requirement Or Risk Losing The Deduction

At the end of 2015, I sent an email out for people to meet the end of year requirement for an auto mileage deduction.

Very few people clicked on it. Why. Because their brains are not in tax season yet!

Well, that will not be an excuse when your mileage deduction gets disallowed!

So here we are in January 2016 and now is the time to meet the beginning of the year requirement. The IRS requires these things in order to take a mileage deduction.

  • A complete mileage log, showing odometer reading, date, miles, and purpose
  • Beginning of year & ending year mileage
  • Service records for beginning & ending of the year showing mileage


This is perhaps one of the biggest deductions that most people have in a home based business. But many people disregard getting the proper documentation, even when told about it.

So, get your oil changed NOW and get a service record with your mileage on it!



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