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Tax Reduction Package For Home Based Businesses

The Key To Saving Thousands EVERY Year
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About the Class

If you are a Home Based Business owner, this course is for you. It covers how to report your income and also goes over in detail every business deduction available to you.

This is a course for USA taxes only.

Finding a CPA or tax accountant that specializes in home-based businesses is hard, much less a person who has personal experience with being in one themselves. You want to make sure you file your taxes correctly with the IRS and comply with the laws of being a business.

Here are the contents of the course:

  • How to be compliant with the IRS
  • Are you in business
  • What are deductions
  • Automobile deductions
  • Travel deductions
  • Meals and Entertainment
  • Hire your children
  • The home office
  • Structuring your business

This course was originally designed with MLM in mind but the theory behind the deductions can be applied to any home based business.

Disclaimer: This course is not intended to be legal advice. Your tax situation may be different and you should consult your tax advisor as not all of these items may pertain to you.

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