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Who Else Wants The BEST Tax Refund EVERY Year They Are In Business?
If You Raised Your Hand, Have A Listen To The Video AND Read On!

My Name Is Steven Spangenberg

With over 40 years of preparing over 10,000 home based business tax returns, I can assure you that you WILL get the BEST possible refund.


As I state in the video, I am an expert in the home based business and direct sales industry. I have spent my entire career focusing on one type of tax return to be able to get the best possible refund for you.

My Experience In Direct Sales And Home Businesses

I have been personally involved in this industry with several companies over the years. I built a team of over 500 people in one year with my last company. By knowing exactly what you do, with first hand knowledge, I can assist you in getting the most bang for your tax buck!

It’s Hard To Leave My Current Accountant
This is understandable. Many people have great relationships with their current tax person. The bottom line is just money. If I can save you over $2,000 more dollars every year, that is significant. If you feel strongly about it, I do have guides that can help you get the deductions and then still use your current person.

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It’s Not Just About “Doing” Your Taxes
This is about developing your business & tax goals so they work together in getting you to where you want to be!
(AND getting you a great refund along the way!)

Expert Knowledge
I spent the last 39 years in the Home Busines industry. I know all of the ins and outs and have prepared over 10,000 business tax returns and counting!

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Fair Prices
For the value I provide, the price is very inexpensive. I know you will receive a positive ROI! Sure, you can get a cheaper price, but the value will not be there.

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Outstanding Service
Calls & emails returned within 24 hours is my committment to you. While I take ALL the time necessary to get you the best return, I will communicate every step of the way.

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Helping You Grow
Being that I developed a team of over 500 people in my last direct sales venture, I can certainly help you get on the right path to business growth!

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Don’t Take My Word For It!

Have a listen to a leading home based business expert!

Here’s What You Get:
  • Your Federal, State, and Local Taxes (including your business)
  • Free Efile
  • The Best Possible Refund
  • Excellent Service
  • For Only $395
All you do is click the add to cart button to make a $35 deposit and you are on your way to the best refund!

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Why Should I Go With An Expert?
Experts do one thing only and do it well!
Experts are current on all things happening within their industry
Experts can get you the best results
What Makes Steven Spangenberg An Expert?
Spent 40 years in the direct sales and home business industry
Still is active in the industry
Has done over 20,000 home business tax returns
Always gets his clients the BEST refunds[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=2]

Are You Tired Of Sending All Your Money To The IRS?
I am sure that you could find better ways to use your own money!
In just one year, the amount of money from amended returns (that’s returns that I corrected that non-experts did) was over $100,000!
Most people are seemingly ok to allow $500-$1,000 a year slip through their hands because they already have a decent refund but…
Over just a 5 year period, you are looking at losing $5,000!
Now is the time to start taking control of your refund and keep your own money!

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Here are 2 options for the reps on the One Coin Call!
Offer # 1 – Do It Yourself Package
Access to my online portal 24/7
The Income Tax Reduction Guide
18 Videos On How To Do Your Own Schedule C
Sponsoring At The Speed Of Light PDF
12 Steps To Financial Freedom PDF
Money Does Grow On Trees Ebook
Business Plan Template
And Much Much More of My Resources That I have Put Together Over 40 Years!
All for Only $97

The Done For You Package
Preparation of Your 2015 Federal State And Local Taxes – Business & Persona
ALL of the benefits of PACKAGE #1
All for only $395
Just Click The Button Below And Make Your $35 Deposit Now To Get Started